Saturday, March 8, 2008

91: Pale Green (Hmmmm) Driving Man, Prowler

Pale Green Hmmmm Driving Man, Prowler. Written by Martin Briley and Brian Engel.
'I’m that nasty shifty kind, that greasy 1950s kind.'

A hook-laden gem of a song, sourced from

To listen, click on the following link:

Pale Green (Hmmm) Driving Man

Both the version posted above, in which the word 'Vauxhall' was edited out for airplay on the BBC, and the original version are available on an album, Between The Sea And The Sky, which has just been released by RPM/Cherry Red Records. The album is substantially that made by Martin Briley and Brian Engel in 1972 but which was never released.

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